Kingdom of Thailand

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Congratulations to HM the King of Thailand for the 60-year anniversary of His Majesty's accession to the throne.



People's Democratic Republic of Laos

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The smiles are instant. The pace of life is hypnotic. The scenery is magnificent. There is a reason why I still find myself saying, "Laos was my favorite."
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Kingdom of Cambodia

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Take the non-air-con-bus. Cram a western ass into a seat with three other people in the back of the bus and chat up the young Khmer in the next seat who is studying to be a police officer. Don't be a tourist in Cambodia. Be a traveler! View the Cambodia Photo-set.



Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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If I haven't added enough stories for Vietnam, it's cuz I just got kicked off the bus in the middle of rice paddies for not paying the "foreigner fare." Check back soon!
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