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Sahand Sedghi

Sahand Sedghi

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Walking to his own beat led him out of his country three years ago and has kept him on the road less traveled ever since. Whether sword fighting in a tiny village in Japan or jumping from bridges in Africa, he has managed to survive every adventure and still get a great photo. What little time is left between continents has been filled with music, surfing and searching out the best ice-creams on the planet.

All photographs, videos and web design by Sahand. Stories are written or edited by Mary Slaughter.

Edit: I have returned back home to Los Angeles and started a Web design, web marketing, SEO and consulting agency in Los Angeles.


I pack my backpack again and again and buy the cheapest tickets I can find and fly somewhere new to explore temples and wade through markets where they sell Buddha statues and knock off Birkenstocks for less than it costs to get your car washed in LA.






"Laos New Year" published in Everywhere Travel Magazine. Printed in Issue 02 (Mar-Apr 2008) on page 40.

"Laos New Year" receives honorable mention from The Every Man Photo Contest 2007, which receives entries from around the world.


"Further Afield" published in Oriental Tales online Magazine.


The Long Wander Content


TheLongWander.com is a collection of stories, facts, and photographs of Asia from my travels. The stories featured touch on a variety of subjects, but my passions are the places I explore, people I meet and the history, art, culture, and challenges I discover in each new place. I am presently traveling and writing about the following places: Burma, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. I am always searching for new assignments.

TheLongWander.com does not sell tickets or tours. I publish stories and share experiences that may be useful or of interest to my readers, whether they are just curious, want to learn about a country or a particular subject, are planning their own trip to Southeast Asia, or are currently traveling in this region.

TheLongWander.com is, foremost, a part of the travel community. I love to tell my stories, adventures, and misadventures to everyone I meet (whether they want to listen or not;) and I love hearing about others' experiences. I hope my readers will find everything featured on TheLongWander.com useful, interesting and entertaining. I am pleased to bring these stories and ideas to the public and encourage anyone interested in publishing or featuring any of my work on TheLongWander.com to contact me.

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TheLongWander.com is a private venture based in Los Angeles. (I am on the road and have yet to settle down.) For further information, e-mail inquiries here.

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I keep in touch with people on the mailing list to notify them of updates to my site (articles, food recipes, slide shows, etc.) The Newsletter is sent out from time to time. I do not sell/share/publish the mailing list. Sign up for it by sending an email.

TheLongWander Content

TheLongWander.com's content was inspired by my experiences on the road. I have used words, pictures and video clips to build a showcase of my travel experiences and talents. All content (photographs, video clips and web design) are by Sahand.

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I have a broad, international readership: Independent travelers in Asia, expatriates living abroad, travel professionals, working professionals throughout the globe who wish they could do what I do, adoptive parents, friends and family worldwide who keep track of me through this web site.


All my work (photographs, text, web design, etc.) is copyrighted by me, Sahand Sedghi. If ever you would like to share my work, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License, please contact me and I will be more than generous. All rights and copyrights on the site are recognized. If I have failed to credit your copyright please contact me, I will be happy to correct any oversight.
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