Movie Synopsis

Intended to amuse and nothing more.


Thailand Secret Lagoon Movie Secret Lagoon in Railey Beach, Thailand
It took us 45minutes of climbing up and into a secret lagoon called Sa Phra Nang or Holy Princess Pool. The route from the beach path to the lagoon leads up into the hills and than down a steep, rocky ravine. The path is covered with slippery red clay, on jagged rocks making it quite treacherous even for the experienced. It is not so much climbing as scrambling, with knotted nylon ropes that are often more dangerous than they are helpful. The lagoon was so beautiful but than we decided to cover our selves with mud and head back to the beach to act like cheeky monkeys :)

Sumo Entrance Ceremony movie
Sumo Entrance Ceremony Dohyo-iri
The entrance ceremony done before the top division wrestlers begin their bouts. Each wrestler enters and joins a circle around the dohyo. To my friends who had never seen this the raising of the "skirt" was hilarious! Sumo is a time-honored and super fun sport to watch! The Japan Sumo association has tours around the world, so if they come to your country, Go see them!


Road to Siem Reap video
Worst road EVER! From Thailand to Angkor Wat
I shared a taxi (a beat up old Camry) from the Thai border to Siem Reap the city near Angkor Wat. According to rumors Cambodia Airlines has paid officials to purposely neglect this road so that tourist fly into Angkor Wat. During the rainy season this road goes from Bad to BadAss!


Tienanmen square movie
Tienanmen square China 360 degrees
I shot this just after the morning raising of the flag ceremony on Tienanmen square. Look close and you can see the Olympic countdown marker.



Making mochi in Japan movie
How to make Mochi in Japan
I lived in this Japanese village for one year and this was one of the numerous highlights. Old grandmas putting their hands in danger to make the best darn Mochi (gelatinous treat made of soft sticky rice) I have ever tasted. First you cook special mochi rice. Second, you pound it into one big gui ball. Lastly, you cut smaller piece and fill with anko (red bean paste) and cover with rice powder. Than, Eat!


Mount Bromo Volcano movie
Standing at the rim of G. Bromo Volcano, Indonesia 360 view
I hiked for hours down one side of the valley and through the Sea of sand and up the face of the volcano which is 2,329 meters (7,641 feet) and the whole time the landscape was so eerie it seemed to be on one of Saturn's Moons.



Osaka Castle movie
Osaka Castle, Japan & Puppeteer
Osaka city's castle is very beautiful, but this puppeteer and his music made it even better. I love his puppet music!



Thailand morning prayer movie
Morning prayer with Monks of Wat Kao Sab vs. Cicada beetles
I spent some time at a Buddhist temple/school for novice Monks in Eastern Thailand and followed their routines, which included 3am prayer session, before going out on the town to collect alms. In the summer months the cicada beetles are even louder than the 300 monks!



Hanno Matsuri movie
Carrying giant drum at Japanese Festival
This is a winter festival in Hanno, Japan a suburb near central Tokyo. The parade starts with the carrying of this giant taiko drum with two guys on top of it.



Japan's Ocean Dome movie
Surfing in Japan's Ocean Dome
Artificial beach, trees, and surf... what more can you ask for. Grab your surfboard! I used to live near the Ocean Dome in Southern Japan, its ironic that the Ocean Dome is a 5min drive from the real beach.



Crossing Hanoi traffic movie
Hanoi street crossing in heavy traffic
In Hanoi, Vietnam the road sags with motorbikes, which outnumber cars twenty to one. Crosswalks become nothing more than pretty lines on the road, and I ignore them while getting my kicks stepping off the curb and into an avalanche of oncoming vehicles. The trick is Tai Chi. Slow steps. Face turned toward the onslaught. All energy focused into what seems would kill you. After having visited Vietnam numerous times I was finally able to cross the street like the locals: Close your eyes and Go!


Cambodian girl vendor movie
Girl counting at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
This little girl was one of five children that followed us into one of the Angkor Wat temples. We did not give them much attention, since we were all stocked up on books, bracelets, and postcards, the other four children slowly faded away except for this determined little girl. She urged us to buy her bracelets at 10 for a $1. We said we didn't need 10 bracelets to which she replied, that we could buy 1 for a $1 and she would give us 9 free! Not only was she witty but she was also able to count to 10 in numerous languages. Read more about these children.


Kyoto archery festival movie
Horseback Archery in Kyoto, Japan
This festival held in one of Kyoto's beautiful Shinto Shrines, is actually a festival that blesses an upcoming bigger festival. Here the Busha Shinji riders perform an old battle skill in full costume on horseback. They ride at full gallop, draw an arrow, take aim and hit a small wooden target. They ride by at high speeds but you can slow the video to see the target being hit. Japanese festivals are amazing!


Bus ride in Laos movie
Bus ride in Laos vs. Billy Jean
While taking a bus ride in rural Northern Laos, I hacked my ipod into the old ex-soviet buses sound system. The locals may have never heard western music but seemed to enjoy my tracks. Soft love ballets (rare in my collection) was more their taste. Some of their favorites was Michael Jackson. They were not a big fan of the White Stripes with some locals covering their ears.


Moto ride in Cambodia
Motorcycle ride in Cambodia countryside
A leisurely motorcycle ride in southern Cambodia, near Kampot. Nothing but miles of rice paddies, old temple ruins, and one or two cars that almost killed me.





I knew that a photo would not be able to convey the tone of that little girls voice, the deafening loudness of those cicadas or the jackhammer effect of riding down that muddy road to Siem Reap, so I shot some video. I would love to know what you think of them, drop me a line.