When I started the idea was just to get out and wander around, see the world, and get stamps in my passport. But each new place was full of people and ideas and stories that I wanted to share. Travel became the story and the story is about travel.

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Mae Sot market © Sahand Images

"My stay in Mae Sot coincided with the World Cup games between Togo vs. Sweden, Australia vs. Japan and Spain vs. Brazil. The day market was a wash with mangos, raw fish, tamarind and Brazilian football jerseys. I was strolling in the side alleys of the Phacharoen day market when a familiar call in Asia caught my ear, �Hello! Where you come from?� I replied with my usual twisted response, �Jamaica,� and kept on strolling. �Germany? World Cup in your�� �No, no. Ja May Ka.� I stopped across the alley. �Ohh, okay.� A look of bewilderment was on his face. He was standing in front of his day shop which overflowed onto the street with Burmese goods: Betel nut, hand-rolled cigarettes, vibrant spices, skin smoothing tree sap, fermented tea leaves, and the usual chicken skin oil in plastic baggies. With short, thick hair, dark, Indian features, and eyes the color of butterscotch Mr. Mg Mg Lay (pronounced MaoMaoLay) offered me cold water, hot tea, and lunch with his family, all before he even knew my name."

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